it's not over, just... upside down,
how I want to erase time,
to rewrite it and end its inexorable elapse,
ride it back and front,
and end with the ephemerality of many lifes
of those who didn't live what they had to live
I want to turn the clepsydra whenever I feel like
and see it pass again, like a movie,
to stop it in moments of misunderstanding
and admit them or correct them, confronting myself
facing consequences without avoiding them like now
and I want my whole heart as I'm missing a half,
and I know who to blame this time,
I'm sorry I blamed you before, yes, you,
blamed you of myself as a wile,
of the error I committed,
my mistaken existance...
it's not over, just... upside down,
it's your turn to turn it

the waiting is the hardest part


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